Thursday 31 October 2013

Airship Dragoon Now On Gamersgate! v1.2 Change-Log Early Look.

Airship Dragoon is now available on GamersGate!

And of course it's also available on Desura, IndieGameStand and direct from the developer via fastSpring!

Airship Dragoon is also on Steam Greenlight - votes appreciated!

I've been hard at work working on the updated Airship Dragoon to version 1.2 and player feedback has been invaluable. Here's a brief look at the current change log, items which start with // have not yet been completed.
  • Fixed issue with dead troops calling for deleted list of targets.
  • Fixed issue with calling for state of non existent first player when booby traps are being set.

  • Mouseover of all item buttons now gives basic item information in deployment/equipment screen. (Item Name, Weapon Range, Maximum Damage)
  • Mouseover of all inventory buttons now gives basic item information. (Item Name, Weapon Range, Maximum Damage)
  • Mouseover of carried item and open inventory button in tactical combat screen gives basic item information.

  • Action Points increased by 25% to make game faster and more lethal.
  • This allows for either 25% more movement or often an extra shooting attempt.

  • Rocket Grenades now come preloaded like all other single-use, disposable weapons. Being the same as other disposable weapons but not working in the same way confused players.
  • Rocket Grenades no longer require a seperate frag grenade for ammunition.
  • Updated all information and icons pertaining to rocket grenades to reflect this.

  • Conscripts being promoted to Marksman class is now one third more likely.
  • Marksman class is 50% rarer than all other classes.

  • Hidden Movement camera changes position quicker to give the player something different to look at more often.

  • //Troops without weapons or ammo are noted by name and issue before deployment rather than the current nebulous warning that someone is not properly equipped.

  • //All virtualized enemy movement during Hidden Movement phase now happens together instead of one after another - saving a massive amount of time when the player is waiting for an enemy contact. 
  • //Enemy Ai turn massively speeded up if they aren't going to have a contact with the player's forces.Originally I had wanted the player to feel "expectation" at whether a contact would occur ... but people just got bored so the waiti period is getting scrapped.

  • //Airship Dragoon opened to custom level creation - seperate modding tools and tutorial coming later.
  • //New mods folder in /Airship Dragoon/ directory.
  • //Levels are now listed for each environment and then randomized when the game boots up.
  • //Environmental level lists now select the level to play serially down the list and loop back when the list is done.
  • //Environmental level lists are created from multiple sources including the /Airship Dragoon/mods folder.

  • //In single battle mode, levels can now be chosen by filename.

  • //Gameplay video tutorial.

  • //Better quality pain/death audio. 

Airship Dragoon to version 1.2 will hopefully be released (and in easy patchable form so you don't have to download the whole thing again) late November 2013.

More feedback always welcomed.

Monday 21 October 2013

IndieGameStand Airship Dragoon Half Way To Death Half Price Sale!

Steve_Yorkshire, Thane of Corridor ... okay, maybe mild delusions of grandeur there ... Creator of Airship Dragoon, anyhow ... is officially half dead.

At least statistically speaking ...

Being ... vaguely healthy - or at least not knowing otherwise - and thus projecting an 80 year life expectancy, this week will see the half-way marker, bringing us (that's the Royal plural singular "us" - also the Golem "us") to the statistical point of being exactly half dead.

To celebrate being exactly half-dead (statistically speaking), Airship Dragoon is on sale for half price, over with the esteemed gentlemen ... and possibly ladies, I don't know these people personally ... at for the following week.

Airship Dragoon is also the first item on the brand spanking new indie game spotlight site, go have a look and if you're a developer, shoot them an email.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Airship Dragoon On Desura, IndieGameStand and Greenlight

Airship Dragoon v1.1 has shipped on Desura, and it's also on (direct download or redeemable on Desura) and available direct from the developer.

All options are here (and so is a playable demo):

And it's on Greenlight:

About the video:
Redcoats have a bit of a scrap with the Dastardly Pirates of Pangea in the Desura version of Airship Dragoon.

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Valkyria Chronicles Style Action-Tactics Template For Open Source Torque3D MIT

Valkyria Chronicles style Action-Tactics gametype template for the Open Sourced Torque3D game engine licensed under the MIT license - which means that you can do anything you like with it. I was going to put the word REDUX in the title but didn't have enough space.

This is the REDUXed version of the series of Valkyria Chronilces style action-tactics resources on the GarageGames site I created way back in the distant past when dinosaurs ruled the earth ... or around two and half years ago, before I started work on Airship Dragoon.

Going over that old code revealed some ... odd decisions ... completely unnecessary server and client calls ... and various other things which existed before I had learnt the meaning of best practise. Whilst there have been significant improvements, the Action-Tactics template is still very much derived from that.

And the source code is all here on github.

However if you just want to play through a precompiled demonstration mission without the source code - the script files are all there so you can still see how it all works - you can download it here. ~110MB
It's a zip, so remember to right click and "unblock" due to M$ silly non-informing security measures.

And here is what the whole demonstration mission looks like when played through. Looks best in HD but you already knew that.