Monday 31 January 2022

Monsters Loot Swag


Monsters Loot Swag -> Blast Monsters -> Win Loot -> Get Swag!

Available for Wishlist on Steam now. Coming Soon(ish)™.

So I finalized my Steam Store Page, and had a name change. It has monsters, loot and swag so ... it does exactly what it says on the tin!

As the game plays fully but is not complete on the artwork side, with the later half of boss monsters and level designs being placeholder only, I decided to try my hand at the "Early Access" route. This means that the game will ship with a disclaimer that I am still working on it, and it will be periodically updated until completion.

I've also been working with someone else, helping to create an engine integrated module for the Steamworks API so that everything could be utilized via game engine scripts rather than being hardcoded in C++ by per game.

I also took the time to upgrade an old resource that someone else had created of a free postFx Shader Library from DirectX9.0c to Dx11 and then to the latest Preview build of Torque3D 4.0.

Night Vision with noise

Chromatic Aberration - the most hated of shaders ...

Pixelation, for when you want your expensive GPU to pretend it's a 1989 console

In fact most of the month has been shaders and effects ... only for me to discover some gaping problems with my approach and dash into a phone booth to emerge with a flowing cape and my underpants outside of my tights as Captain Workaround!

Wow did I get this gif to nearly loop properly?

Next up is actually uploading a workable version of the game to Steam. This is likely to be the Dx11 pre-PBR version as it is the latest fully working one, though it still requires a bit of GUI (Game User Interface) work for it to be player friendly. A lot of stuff happened this month but most of it was not very image postable.

So that was the month that was, the first month of SPACE YEAR 2022 when I was promised flying cars but instead got a report about a cake that didn't even mention whether it had marzipan or not ...