Tuesday 31 January 2023

New Year, New Game Update

There's a joke in that loading screen somewhere ...

A new year, a new game update, a new level, and a new level Boss Monster to be defeated! It's Zorra, the Knife Enthusiast who guards the firey lava lakes of the Temple of Pele - that's the Hawaiian Goddess of volcanoes not the late footballer.

The update changelog can be viewed on Steam.

It's level 7 - so that is 70% of the game levels now complete, and it's the first level to introduce the environmental hazard of lava.

 As there was already a callback for entering liquid in C++ which passed the type it was fairly simple to set up a damage system when the player was immersed. However as there was no string variable for the player to record what type of liquid it was, the type would not get passed on the leave liquid callback. In the end I just used a trigger.

With another level complete, next up, will be some new cosplaying characters for the player to use. These will be the start of the unlockable characters, which is a Steam achievement in itself.