Monday 4 March 2013

Additional Environments And Gui Redux 9000

Finally I have managed to get round to creating some new maps for the different environments and terrains. Up to now I've been reusing the same map over and over again. Now I have one map for each of the available environments - save for urban which I'm still working on the models for. I am planning on each environment type to have a few different maps, and have managed to come up with a workflow process to create these without too much hassel ... which makes a change from my usual "make it up in a completely adhoc manner" which permeates my existence.

I've reused or modified base textures where applicable in an attempt to keep everything looking uniformed and together. I use the same rock texture throughout all environments so that the player always knows which part of the terrain is an obstacle that cannot be walked up.

Whilst making various new models I also finally got round to replacing the rather awful blue/black hatched deployment areas with some brass poles with flashing amber lights on them. It all looks much better and a lot more part of the steampunk aesthetic.

For the umpteenth time I have once again reworked the aesthetic of all of my GUIs, this time giving them a wood grain look which I think looks much better than the rough, patchy look which they previously had.

I also added two new buttons to equipment selection on the deployment screens. These allow for filling up a trooper with ammunition to the maximum weight or money, and also copying the current troop's equipment to all other unequipped troops of the same class, weight restrictions applying. This all helps making loadout a lot faster and easier for the player.

I'm still not best pleased with the mesh deformation of my - currently singular - player character model and intend to fully rework this. Hopefully it'll end up looking a lot better and I will then be able to get on with making troop models for the Pirates, US, Austro-Hungarians, Chinese, Zulus and Anarcho-Commies, as well as finalise my design for the heavy armour models.

I've also done extensive playtesting of the Main Campaign - the one with the dirigibles in it - and found it to be a bit too easy. I rebalanced the way the Ai regimes work ... and then it became too hard ... fuuuu-. After a bit more balancing it needs a good retest to make sure I haven't made it too easy again ...

I've been working off the MIT console refrator development branch and apart from a few issues with the development branch itself, I think the console refraction is fine. Info on that here.

Anyhow, here's some vidya of the new environmental maps, each one played in the most likely weather pertaining to that environment. Mountains are cold and cloudy, Arid is fine and clear and hot, Jungle is wet, humid and stormy.