Saturday 14 March 2015

Random Action Arena 7DRL

I finished up my entry for the "7 Day RogueLike" game jam somewhat early as I've come down with the dreaded lurgy and feel like pants. It's a single or twin stick shooter which does what it says on the tin: Randomized Action in a procedurally generated arena.

I had entered the game jam as it allowed me the opportunity to test some very basic ideas with AI and gameplay which I had been considering for my next project, the Swag 'Em Up. Namely random spawning and dynamic hunting of the player, as well testing my ideas on input systems.

I had devised both single and twin-stick style input systems. Immediately the single stick option had an obvisouly problem, the player had to move in the same direction to shoot, which meant that melee based AI could close to attack range much more quickly. Twin-stick input on the other hand allowed the player to evade whilst shooting at enemies.

The Ai come in two flavours - both salty.  :P
Blue are melee, slightly slower than the player and must close to attack.
Red are ranged based and shoot at the player.

The player has regenerating health, a repeatable single attack, a heavy attack which regenerates and a regerneratable speed boost.

What it does not have which I have already sorted is experience, leveling, and personal boosts to abilities, both permenant and temporary, but I have coded and tested this. Another, and rather major thing missing is SWAG, this is the 7dayRogueLikeChallenge, not the 7daySwagEmUpChallenge, so just the facts ma'am.

If you fancy a play around, and feedback is welcome, just remember it is bare bones stuff done in one week, here's the linkage: (a mere 15mb)