Wednesday 8 July 2015

Airship Dragoon Steam Trading Cards

Airship Dragoon, the niche, uber-hardcore, turn-based strategy, attrition simulator where 90% of your individually named troops are slaughtered in the first contact with the enemy, now comes with Steam™ Trading Cards.

A free internet to anyone who spots the references in some of the names, 
but you'll probably have to be British and over 40 ...

Static menu backgrounds have also had a bit of an overhaul to make them more visually interesting.

Over 9000 hours in MS Paint

In update news, there's been a few minor tweaks and bugfixes. The main one is a bugfix for airship movement which get stuck amongst a crowd of friendly dirigibles when attempting complicated pathfinding around them, and control would not be returned to the player (thanks to Vincent for sending me his saved game so I could verify and fix the issue). Airship Dragoon has also been updated to the latest version of Steam SDK but none of the code changes specifically impact the game.

And thanks to everyone who has left a nice review on this niche agraphobia simulator. ;)

If the phrase "niche, uber-hardcore, turn-based strategy, attrition simulator" appeals to you, please try the free demo.

Airship Dragoon is available on Steam and direct from the developer both at a 75% discount for a limited period only.