Tuesday 24 December 2013

Merry Ruddy Christmass

Merry Ruddy Christmas

Over 9000 hours in MS Paint

And thanks to everyone who voted for Airship Dragoon during the IndieGameStand charity sale. Airship Dragoon received +8% votes during that period on Steam Greenlight.

Next up mod tools ... and maybe a min-map ...

This blog was supposed to be the first part of the Airship Dragoon Development Post-Mortem ... but then I went to the pub, then I got chatting and then I started on the Glenkichie ...

Saturday 14 December 2013

Airship Dragoon Pay-What-You-Want Sale! Plus V1.3 Update!

Airship Dragoon is on a Pay-What-You-Want Deal over at https://indiegamestand.com from 14th - 17th of December 2013!

Pay over the average and get a bonus map pack giving +50% more battlefields! 10% of money raised goes to the charity "Help For Heroes" which helps in the rehabilitation of physically and mentally wounded ex-service personel.

Also available is Airship Dragoon version 1.3 update! Full changelog is here.
Already bought Airship Dragoon? v1.3 and previous patch can be downloaded here.

Next up for Airship Dragoon will be modding. v1.3 introduces the ability to fully replace all troop and weapon models with custom modded versions and allows the changing of all variables and the creation of unique classes. I've tested it by swapping the models with each other and modding troop attributes such as increasing health and actions. It's not documented yet, as the big modding drive will arrive when map making tools and tutorials are released ... which will hopefully be January 2014.

There's also a video interview with yours' truly ... conducted at 3am my time, as I help walk through someone who has never played Airship Dragoon before ... nor has he read the instructions. Having never wanted to appear naked on the internet I don't have a webcam ... so thankfully I didn't have to look at myself, and thus you don't either!

Watch live video from IndieGameStand on TwitchT

And for anyone not sure if they would say:

You can always try the new Airship Dragoon v1.3 Demo!

And finally here's the long play video I made: