Thursday 19 January 2017

Fancy Pants Stuff

Disclaimer: Blog post does not actually contain any pants which are fancy.

So another yeah towards the universe's doom lurches into existence. I made a whole 5 blog posts last year - 60% of them in February ... ahem ...

I finally updagraded my 10 year old Dell to a new all singing, all dancing, super-computer of a dev machine.

In other news I survived the Great Yorkshire Earthquake which wreaked widespread devastation.

Anyhoo - back to dev:

I finally completed 104 icons, which like everything else to do with indie game development, took far longer than it should have.

I also made a few changes to the HUD to try and finalize a layout. I merged the energy system for heavy attack and special evade into a single recharging system with collectable bonuses to increase the recharge rate.

For fancy effects I started playing around with a little shader code which found to give objects a distortion similar to Predator style camouflage or the invisible demons in ye olde Doom.

It's still a bit of a work in progress for optical camo but after a few additions to explosion code (code here) makes some nice shockwave ripple effects. See the two videos below and look carefully for the magnified turbulence shockwaves.



So ... onwards and upwards. Development is getting to the stage where I'll soon be swapping out the placeholder items and modeling and animating some actual art assets. To be continued! - hopefully with posts that are more regular than 2016 ...