Friday 29 November 2013

Airship Dragoon v1.2 Released! 75% End Of November Sale

Airship Dragoon version 1.2 is out now!

That should read -
Airship Dragoon version 1.2 is out now ... again!
- due to me spotting a minor error and then repackaging and reuploading it. 80mb

If you've already installed the patch a few days ago you can either download the new one ... or just update the single file change with a quick copy/paste. If you've installed it to Program Files you will require Administrator privileges to paste.

If you've got it on Desura ... you'll have to wait until it goes through their opaque system which developers don't have direct access to. (I guess so that they can check that the files are what they say they are).

Many thanks to TRON for his help in testing on irc://

Boom! And More BOOM!

I've also created a Long Play video of Airship Dragoon v1.2 to be some sort of vaguely tutorial like video but ended up getting carried away playing it (while it was in beta - so the colour coordinated range buttons * amber/black = out of range, blue = in range * aren't there). It was my first attempt at this, using instead of FRAPS (which I now much prefer due to it's lower overhead and ability to do encoding on the fly) and also using a microphone for narration ... and the sound level was way too high and I immediately forgot about moderating my Yorkshire accent (ee-bye-gum) ... so BRACE YOURSELVES.

Did I mention something about a sale in the title? Yep, apparently I did.

Airship Dragoon direct from the dev at a whopping 75% off during that celebration and shopping event which nobody in the rest of the world had ever heard of until a couple of years ago but now seems to have permeated through the world. (ends Monday 2nd December).

Buy Airship Dragoon

And there's an updated demo if you still aren't sure.

And so ... time for the changelog ... and it's a bit of a whopper
  • Airship Dragoon version 1.2 changelog (save game files should be safe)
  • Fixed issue with dead troops calling for deleted list of targets.
  • Fixed issue with calling for state of non existent first player when booby traps are being set.
  • Fixed issue in deployment with Subtropical modifiers not updating.
  • Fixed some wrong pathfinding calls.
  • Fixed issue with in-game options screen thinking it was in battle mode during campaign mode.
  • Fixed mouseover on rotate trooper button to give the correct number of actions required (was 4 is now 1).
  • Fixed wrong facing normals on the meshes of Peoples' Collective Unarmed and Light Armoured models.
  • Fixed issue with audio not initializing first attempt.
  • Fixed rare crash bug with save/local files were created before the folder they needed to go in. Thanks to TRON @ irc:// for help.
  • Fixed typo in warning that trooper cannot carry any more weight.
  • Mouseover of all item buttons now gives basic item information in deployment/equipment screen.
  • (Item Name, Weapon Range, Maximum Damage)
  • Mouseover of all inventory buttons now gives basic item information. (Item Name, Weapon Range, Maximum Damage)
  • Mouseover of carried item and open inventory button in tactical combat screen gives basic item information.
  • Action Points increased by 25% to make game faster and more lethal.
  • This allows for either 25% more movement or often an extra shooting attempt.
  • Rocket Grenades now come preloaded like all other single-use, disposable weapons. Being the same as other disposable weapons but not working in the same way confused players.
  • Rocket Grenades no longer require a seperate frag grenade for ammunition.
  • Updated all information and icons pertaining to rocket grenades to reflect this.
  • Conscripts being promoted to Marksman class is now one third more likely than it was before.
  • Marksman class is 50% rarer than all other classes now.
  • Hidden Movement camera changes position quicker to give the player something different to look at more often.
  • Troops without weapons or ammo are noted by name and issue before deployment rather than the previously nebulous warning that someone is not properly equipped.
  • New troops deployment problems GUI for the above.
  • All virtualized enemy movement during Hidden Movement phase now happens together instead of one after another - saving a massive amount of time when the player is waiting for an enemy contact.
  • Enemy Ai turn massively speeded up if they aren't going to have a contact with the player's forces.
  • What previously could take 50+ seconds is now down to 4 (if no Ai have to engage or can spot the enemy).
  • Airship Dragoon opened to custom level creation - seperate modding tools and tutorial coming later.
  • New mods folder in /Airship Dragoon/ directory.
  • Levels are now listed for each environment when the game boots up.
  • Environmental level lists are created from multiple sources including the /Airship Dragoon/mods folder.
  • Environmental level lists randomly select the level to play at the end of deployment.
  • In single battle mode, environmental levels can now be chosen by filename or randomized.
  • New select level to play GUI for the above.
  • Reduced command calls.
  • Better quality pain/death audio.
  • Better quailty interface audio.
  • Ai more likely to get a grenade or thrown bomb over an obstacle.
  • Changed audio environments to reduce reverb/echo.
  • Added "spots enemy movement" variable to passive action hud.
  • Changed "returns fire" to "engages enemy" for passive action hud.
  • Removed the yes/no check for filling ammunition to the maximum carryable in the deploy stage.
  • Dreadnought class airship (heavy dirigible) max moves increased to 2 (1 was just too slow).
  • Frigate class airship (medium dirigible) max moves increased to 4 to reflect Dreadnought move increase.
  • Sloop class airship (light dirigible) max moves increased to 6  to reflect Frigate move increase.
  • Dirigible speed increased to 150%.
  • Added check for older saved games to update with new information and changes.
  • Added enemy deployment location/orientation to ally phase warning.
  • Added colour coded system to target range HUD so player can instantly see what is in range of the trooper's weapon and what is out of range.
  • Now targets out of range have a new black and amber button, targets in range have blue button.
  • Created new no weapon cautious movement animation.
  • Created new holding long barreled weapon cautious movement animation.
  • Created new holding pistol cautious movement animation.
  • Removed unneccessary animation files.
  • Removed unneccessary audio files.
  • New spherical blast concussion/shockwave object.
  • Added the prefix "Facing:" to the compass heading.
  • Altered settings for smoke so they climb a little higher into the sky.
  • Mouse Right-Click on inventory button in deployment screen now empties ALL of the item.
  • If you had accidentally equipped 200 bullets of the wrong type previously you had to left click the button 40 times to get rid of them all - now you can right-click once.
  • Right or left click removes armour in deployment screen.
  • Updated Pangea/main campaign documentation/instructions to reflect airship movement changes.
  • Updated troops documentation/instructions to reflect increase in Actions from 40 to 50.
  • Updated deployment documentation/instructions to reflect new ability to choose battlefield in Single Battle Mode.
  • Fixed issue with an image partially masking text in documentation/instructions.
  • Updated deployment documentation/instructions to reflect the new right-click to clear equipment slot.
Hopefully, they'll be another update next month - when ... allegedly ... I'll have map making tools and documentation on how to use them released.