Friday 31 March 2023

Damp Island is Damp

It seems to have been raining forever - at this rate there will be no water left for April to have showers ...

Monsters Loot Swag has had it's 13th Early Access Update! This fixed a whole load of minor issues and one major one - the awful openAL crossfade falloff has finally been slain ... with, naturally, a 2 line fix. 😫

Turns out it all that was needed was to feed openAL an ini file to tell it to stop dropping the fall off so early.

Also our leggy, harness encased, propeller powered catgirl has been testing an engine upgrade with glorious PBR! For which I made a Cornell Box in Blender 3D.

Reflections! Shiny, shiny reflections!

Now, updating the whole game to a new engine build which features not only shiny stuff like PBR, but an entire modular system is going to take some time. 

However, talking about new engine builds with funky modular features, I have been coding an animation based melee combat system in C++.

So far I have light and heavy attacks, activated by either tap or hold input. Both kinds of strike share a single Prepare Attack Animation, which works like a charge-up, and is based on weapon type. Light attacks are randomized, whilst heavy attacks are based on player input at the end of Prepare Attack Anim.

Each weapon has it's own attack speed and the player themselves have a "rage meter" which increases attack speed with the more blows they land on an opponent.

There are also primary and secondary types of damage, for instance a broadsword is primarily for slashing but can also stab. I plan on introducing different styles of armour (gambeson, lamellar, chain, plate, etc) which offer varied protection against the major types of attack damage of slash, blunt and stab.

Here's an animated gif showing a light thrusting attack - this was before I added weapon specific speed modifiers.

Light Attack - Yellow Circle Capturing Button Input

So that it was it for the wash out of a month which was March. I had was planning on setting up the Spring duvet for my bedding, but it's been so miserable and cold I think I will stick with the Winter duvet for another month. 😰

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