Thursday 31 August 2023

RIP My Strawberry Patch

There is a reason as to why I spend as much time as possible parked bollock naked outdoors, lounging by the veg patch, glass of (increasingly cheap - cost of living crisis / flagging sales / bad luck / terminal syphilis / name the James Coburn reference / etc, etc) plonk in hand and that is because of the unpredictable summers on Meme Weather Island (we used to rule the world, you know).

Here's a picture of a cut to break things up - not game related

Well it's been crap (again) and insesant (how many S's and in which order?) deluges have washed out the delicate summer fruits which barely got the chance to wither on the vine. Last year I was inundated with strawberries to the point of complaint and this year; nada. Circle of life, etc etc.

Meanwhile in the indie game development world; I have continued to port over Monsters Loot Swag to the new engine build. Art assets - mainly texutre images - had all been redone and modified as you can read from last months glorious endevours; as you can read here. And, yes, I also complain about the weather in that blog too ...

This is a cat pretending to be a dog, pretending to be a seal - not game related

This has left me to "just" - a euphemism that does not seem to carry the appropriate weight - update and transfer all of the gameplay scripts. Doing this in a methodical manner has been a long, dull, and extracting process, however I have discovered - and fixed - a considerable number of bugs, enough to make a new build patch of the game on their own, which you can see here.

Since posting that update I have hunted down and squashed more bugs and issues, which will be included in the next update. I have also ported a whole raft of shaders to the new version of the engine which can be found here.

Next up is to port over all of the user interface screens and get them working with a new input system before I can release a beta depot of the new engine build.

Tomorrow is September, and apparently Meme Weather Island is going back to 24C now that I have packed the summer shorts away ... so I'm not putting the Autumn duvet on just yet.

This is cat(girl) drinking coffee

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