Friday, 27 June 2014

Airship Dragoon v1.4.8 And Realism Mod Released!

Airship Dragoon has been updated to version 1.4.8.

Airship Dragoon is a traditional, uber-hardcore, turn-based strategy and tactics game in the manner of Julian Gollop's Laser Squad or UFO/X-Com, or as I like to call it: a GollopLike!

Airship Dragoon v1.4.8 update is available direct from the dev at, IndieGameStand and Gamersgate now. The update for Desura usually takes about a week to filter through their system.

If you're using a direct download, you can use the patch!

The full changelog is available here and details some 60 or so updates.

Amongst the changelog highlights are:

Fixed a critical issue caused by a namespace change when introducing modding during the previous update (v1.4). (Thanks to Vincent for the report and supply his save files which helped with replication and hunting the issue down)

Increased the maximum number of veterans the player can have from 16 to 30 due to it being a popular request from customers.

Added an AutoSave function that can be enabled in Options->Controls due to it being a popular request from customers.

Added a hotkey for reloading in battle. Press "r" to reload without going into the inventory, again this was another popular request from customers.

Wounded troops now show on the map so they are easier to find and rescue.

Mountainous environments have had a visual makeover to give them a more wintery aesthetic.

Added Felix Westin's changes to the lighting shader code to allow normal mapping into shadows, making them appear less flat.

Updated to version 3.5.1 of the Open Source Torque3D engine, also updated to VS2013 for compiling the exec (previously still using VS2008).


Also released and compatible with Airship Dragoon v.1.4.8 and all future versions is the "Realism Mod Total Conversion" which swaps all of the models and textures in the standard environments for high resolution ones, for those of you whoe "like all the pixels". Personally I've always prefered an abstracted figurative aesthetic, which is why standard Airship Dragoon has always looked like it does.

When enabled this Total Conversion redirects the game to use the levels/battlefields within the mod. Please note however that due to differing pathfinding solutions and base terrains, the Realism Mod should not be used with previously saved games in Battle Mode, but is perfectly compatible to use with an existing saved game in either of the campaign Strategy Modes (eg: the hexagonal strategy world). If you've saved a campaign during a battle, I would strongly suggest finishing your saved battle and then returning to the Strategy Mode to save the campaign before enabling the Realism Mod. Full instructions on how the mod works are available in the zip file.

The Realism Mod Total Conversion is available for free: here.


In other news, Airship Dragoon has got through Greenlight! Many thanks to everyone who voted for it.

The next job in hand is to integrate Airship Dragoon into the Steam SDK. After this I intend to release a level editor/modding tools.

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