Friday, 13 June 2014

Airship Dragoon Has Been Greenlit

Just a quick blog post to say that Airship Dragoon has been Greenlit and that I am now an accredited Steam developer. many thanks to everyone who voted! In the end I got through with around 6500 votes.

Here's a little graph of what happened, the first curve is all my own publicity - what little I managed of it - until featured my in a Pay-What-You-Want deal and did an interview at some god forsaken time of night for the UK. Usually I'm bright and bushy tailed at 3am but not that night. ;)

IGS were extremely helpful and are nice blokes with a real drive for indie games. I would recommend that any indie developer contact them, regardless of whether you need a profile boost or not.

After that was the push where Airship Dragoon was featured in a bundle along side a number of other indie games. The Indie Royale is Desura based, but are more than happy to have your greenlight links and steam keys available for player choice (as does IndieGameStand).

The final jump was from the Steampunk2 bundle with which saw an eclectic mix of games, music, comics and film.

I also found some publicity from a hardcore strategy site Grogheads who gave me an interview - - as well as a lot of feedback.

I am currently working on the next update which has various tweaks and additions based on customer feedback and a fix for a potentially critical bug I accidentally introduced in the last update. (derp!) After this has been released I will begin to look at integrating the Steam client into Airship Dragoon.

In other Greenlit news, Frayed Knights: The Skull of Smakh-Daon also got through. Whilst Jay may have moved on to use another game engine for his future development, Frayed Knights was created with TGE 1.5.2, the for-runner of the Open Source game engine which I used for Airship Dragoon.

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