Monday, 2 June 2014

Airship Dragoon Mod Preview And Summer Sale

 Airship Dragoon, traditional turn-based tactics in the manner of hardcore '80s and early '90s strategy games (but in 3D) is on HALF PRICE with the "British Summer Sale - Grab A Brolly And Airship Dragoon 50% OFF! (2nd-14th June)". Buy it direct from the dev. (steam keys available once through Greenlight)

The next update for Airship Dragoon (1.4.2) will be available some time this month (June 2014)  and features a few requested functions such as being able to reload via a hotkey without going into the inventory screen, and the location of critically wounded troops will now be displayed on the map, so they're easier to find and get medical aid to. There's likely to be a few new character models for variation and some bug fixes for minor issues. On top of this the mountainous environments have been recreated to give them more of a wintry aesthetic.

Also available with the next 1.4.2 update will be the demonstration "realism mod". This replaces the standard missions with high res versions of objects and textures, and has been created to demonstrate the forthcoming mod tools.

The "realism mod" is complete, but only compatible with the next (and all future) updates. And if you fancy a closeup of the wintery, mountainous terrain here you go. Bonus points for anyone who spots the judicial use of parallax in the foreground. ;)

In other exciting indie dev news, Airship Dragoon is currently 16th in Steam Greenlight. More votes are very much appreciated, thanks!


Simon Love said...

Really love that realism mod!
Congrats on the 16th place!

If only I'd have time to play Airship Dragoon more...Any plans to completely denature the game and make a quick-play option?

Steve_Yorkshire said...

Single Battle Mode is the quick play option. Alas anything else wouldn't be the same genre of game. ;)

Simon Love said...

Gonna try that out then!