Monday, 10 March 2014

Progress 7DRL Challenge 2014 Update 1

Progress! There has been progress! ...
.. or alternatively I've gone mad and am halucinating it ...
... which could be possible, there was a reason that I'd never done a gamejam thingymajig before and that was for the exact reasons I've encountered.

Too much to do in too little time and everything going wrong ... so ... just like normal indie dev then! ;)

First up I created a new control system ... and it promptly died on me. This put me way back on my schedule - and that's without annoying IRL to also contend with. Creating an isometric camera system with zoom in/out went easier though, as did knocking up 3 classes of player for stealth, fighter and tank.

Having just pushed the v1.4 release of Airship Dragoon out of the door, I hadn't had any prep time for #7DRL and #proceduralDeathJam so it was very much going in from scratch. Procedurally generating a world/labryinth turned out to be a right old pain le derrière. This was mostly due to getting orphaned sections. Eventually it all came good.

Then there was a few minor problems with my models. Performance was terrible so I LODed it right back ... maybe I just should have LODed it at the start ... and then it's not like they'll all be visible anyhow but hey ... 

After a bit of tweaking and realigning pathways I had a 3D representation of the procedurally generated 2D map. It had taken the whole day when I was hoping for MUCH less, but at least it's now done.

If you really squint you can see the tiny player front and centre.

So, next up ... I might go back and spend more time trying to fix or just recode the isometric control system ... or I might just wade on with objects, items and Ai, next. Unfortunately I'm busy tomorrow so aren't expecting to get much done.

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