Friday, 7 March 2014

7DRL Challenge 2014 - Airship Dragoon Rogue

 I'll be taking part in the 7 day RogueLike Challenge over at

3D isometric procedurally generated open world roaming brawler with permadeath ... there probably should have been some commas in there ...

I'm Steve_Yorkshire an indie dev who has spent the last 2.5+ years making Airship Dragoon [blatant_self_publicity]Greenlight Votes Appreciated[/blatant_self-publicity] which is an X-Com/UFO/Julian_Gollop style steampunk turn-based tactics game featuring procedurally generated campaign worlds with tons of randomization and emergent gameplay.

I've never entered a game jam before, but having just shipped the v1.4 update of Airship Dragoon this week, I figure that "a change is as good as a rest". I've had an idea for an open world, procedurally generated, roaming brawler for a while, and so intend to use #7DRL as the impetus to knock out a tech demo of the idea. I'm going to reuse my character models from Airship Dragoon, and hence came up with the rather obvious title of Airship Dragoon Rogue.
Key Mechanics:
  1. Procedurally generated world made from modular meshes.
  2. World fully resets on player permadeath.
  3. Enemy Ai.
  4. 3 classes of player/Ai: stealth, fighter, tank.
  5. Randomized placement of items, weapons and enemies.
  6. Light and heavy attacks. Heavy attacks force the player to stop, light attacks can be used whilst moving. KungFu does more damage than weapons, but weapons have greater reach.
  7. Stealth mechanic with randomized "shadow" areas, why put yourself in danger when you can sneak by?
  8. Additional randomized mission based objectives given by friendly Ai (steal itemX, assassinate enemyY, got to placeZ)  which fill up a percentage bar to complete the game.
  • Engine: Open Source Torque 3D (off github)
  • 3D: Blender
  • 2D: Gimp
  • Character Models are being reused from my existing indie game "Airship Dragoon".
  • Animations are to be taken from existing libraries I have licensed.
  • Some audio will be taken from existing libraries I have licensed, the rest will probably be badly created in Audacity.
I will probably also submit the result to the #proceduralDeathJam - I'm more interested in using the time to create a techdemo than prizes/glory.

Anyhow ... that's the concept ... and we'll see how it goes over 168 hours.

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