Saturday, 18 October 2014

Airship Dragoon Updated And On Direct Sale

Airship Dragoon  has been updated to version 1.5.2.

There's a fair few changes but here are the main ones.

Players requested more hotkeys, apparently some people have to use their mousehand for work all day and could do with giving it a break during game time. So the camera can now be controlled seperately via the WASD on the keyboard. Inventory, map, reload and troop selection are also now available as hotkeys, and all hotkeys are customizable and can be remapped and saved for personal preference. Look in "Options / Controls".

Whilst we're in the Options screen, there is now a new "Mods Selection Screen". Being an old school modder/dev I'm used to editing files and even breaking into them with hex-editors to alter code, but some people apparently aren't, so now mod selection is available in-game by the click of a button. The Realism_Mod can be enabled/disabled here. Note, when selecting dedicated mods the game will require restart to activate them.

The Realism_Mod has also had an update and the latest version is available for download from If you're using the Steam version, then you don't have to do anything as it's already updated and included.

For a full list of the changelog, go here:

Airship Dragoon has not been on Steam long enough for them to allow it to be discounted, however there is a 75% Sale on if you buy direct from the developer, ends Nov 6th 2014 and comes with a free Steam key!

This is to commemorate ... or ... commiserate ... the dev being officially old and worn out ...

 If you're using Steam or the direct version, the updates are already there, elsewhere they have been uploaded, but may not be active till Monday.


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