Monday, 21 October 2013

IndieGameStand Airship Dragoon Half Way To Death Half Price Sale!

Steve_Yorkshire, Thane of Corridor ... okay, maybe mild delusions of grandeur there ... Creator of Airship Dragoon, anyhow ... is officially half dead.

At least statistically speaking ...

Being ... vaguely healthy - or at least not knowing otherwise - and thus projecting an 80 year life expectancy, this week will see the half-way marker, bringing us (that's the Royal plural singular "us" - also the Golem "us") to the statistical point of being exactly half dead.

To celebrate being exactly half-dead (statistically speaking), Airship Dragoon is on sale for half price, over with the esteemed gentlemen ... and possibly ladies, I don't know these people personally ... at for the following week.

Airship Dragoon is also the first item on the brand spanking new indie game spotlight site, go have a look and if you're a developer, shoot them an email.

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