Monday, 28 July 2008

Gears of Yorkshire

Been playing around with Third Person Camera for a Gears of Yorkshire feel - not much of a feel obviously, cos it ain't all brown.

Only two shades of brown, I promise

Environments are made of stuff ... lots of stuff. Unfortunately stuff costs tris so there's been a fair bit of playing around to see what works best. Currently I've hit a few problems with the Z-Buffer on overlapping transparencies - which is why everything that has anything to do with foliage has a bit of a jaggy edge at the moment. Textures are placeholders but tonal range is the general idea.

Fix that jaggy Z-Buffer later for nice soft edges

Rural modelling is pretty much done (minus grass which is getting left for the time being because of the overlapping Z issue), and it'll be on to a bit of the urban environment; roads, pavements, signs warning of fines for letting your dog foul a public area and er .... stuff.

There's LODs and Billboards in them there hills

And once there's some semblance of a full environment built, it'll be back to those character models for some tweaking, extra animations and substitute all of those blank textures. And more messing with the player code. And eventually there's a little something called plot involving a tablet, Gimp (or PainterX if I buy it), and more of my X years as an alcoholic bum ... er, I mean classically trained artist ... to make cut-sequences in the style of a Graphic Novel --- which is a pretentious name for a comic --- which is a lowbrow name for an illustration.


the fisherman said...

very good, looks like its coming together now mate. It couldn't're actually achieving something? :)

Steve said...

Your barbed proboscis of a tongue seeps venom to the very marrow akin to a nest of redoubtable vipers, sir!

A pox upon those parts of your good self that are not already afflicted by some form of terrible malady.

Praise be for