Friday, 16 May 2008

More Fun With Clone Stamp Than Is Decent

After sorting out my workflow and best practise for building, buildings - taking into account the nuances/pain-in-arses of multi portaled old-gen Binary Space Partitions (modding the CoD series was more forgiving) - I've been work on textures and the problems associated with getting them to tile correctly (hence clone stamp).

There are some good, free, lgpl base-textures (base as in non-tiling) available on the interweb, and I've also got my own trusty, fake-SLR Fuji for getting more custom stuff. The finished results are basic seamless-textures - no normal mapping or anything fancy, though I did a bit of freehand editing for light and shadow.

No windows or doors as such yet - just the appropriately sized holes, I'm gonna model them (Blender - it's free) rather than opt for more BSP (it's actually easier for me to differentiate collision detection that way). Buildings still need LODing.

And I got some decent feedback after releasing my "Dubious Demo v.02".

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Very good 3d

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