Sunday, 9 March 2008

The Eagle has Landed - only without Burton and Eastwood

This is the development blog for Yorkshire Rifles, Indie Games Creator.

Ever become so self-deluded that you figure you could make a computer game better than the big gaming companies with their huge development teams and millions of dollars? Yep, I get that all time.

I'm an (ex)modder for the Call of Duty series, willing to drink from the cup of nervous breakdowns and late nights which is developing your own computer games.

An overview of my Call of Duty Series single player campaigns/ levels on FileFront (21,000+ downloads and counting)

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Steve said...

And of course neither Burton nor Eastwood were in "The Eagle has Landed" - they were in "Where Eagles Dare".

But Larry Hagman and Robert Duvall were.


qwey_yorkshire said...

Looks like your first post on this blog. I like your games. And torque resources. Also being with a Open Source engine like Torque 3D, Feels very extensive.